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Steel Belt Lacings  
BOLINJKAR Steel Lacings are packed in boxes complete with G.I. hinge pins. Specific use of "BOLINJKAR " Steel Lacings - alligator type on rubber, canvas, nylon & polyester belting of different sizes.


The small sizes-00 :
A-1, A-7, A-10 are suitable for joining the Tape belts and webbeing up to 3.00 mm thick. These are mostly used in printing plants, Laundries etc.

Number 15 to 75 :
are suitable for joining all flat canvas / polyster / rubber belts from 3. mm to 16 mm thick.

The Belt Lacings :
is indented under top face so that it may easily be broken to take narrower belts.

Compression :
When "Bolinjkar" is applied, the compression grip will project the belt-ends and wil eliminate ply separation on rubbber / polyster / canvas belting.

Separate Joint :
By removing the double hinge-pins the joint can be separated immediately.

"BOLINJKAR" is smooth on both faces, which is important where idler pulleys are concerned.
Confirm the fitting of lacings carefully
Select correct length of lacings (i.e. Less one teeth of both sides)
Bend lacings fully. Repeat it twice or trice till it break off.
Insert the lacings in proper position of the belt till the guage pin tauches it. Press the lacing with the help of hammer on a wooden / Iron stoppage.